Covering key statistics and features from the BETA release, lessons learned during development, and exploring what users can look forward to after Digit's launch.

Digit recently concluded its successful closed beta testing period on the Fantom network and is gearing up for a highly-anticipated full release on Optimism in the coming months. During the months-long BETA phase, the Digit development team received valuable user feedback regarding the app’s user experience, features, and functionality.

From tackling technical glitches to integrating user interface preferences (the community spoke — dark mode is here to stay!), the BETA journey provided an invaluable hands-on learning experience for Digit’s developers. This testing period empowered the team to refine and polish their product within a low-risk environment, ensuring Digit will provide a stellar user experience right out of the gate.

Digit branded Relic mockup.

Key Findings (BETA)

During the closed beta, Digit saw:

  • 165 active users on the platform
  • 568 relics minted
  • Over $10,000 USD worth of rewards harvested and distributed to users

Below are the peak amounts of assets utilized within Digit during the soft launch:





Peak Amount




Peak Date

March 31st

April 5th

April 9th

Key Features Implemented

The Digit team implemented and tested several key features during the beta, including:

  • Reliquary Integration: The core functionality enables users to earn incentives and governance power by cultivating ever-growing positions over time.
  • UI/UX Refinements: Visual design upgrades coupled with streamlining the user flow for onboarding new users.
  • Apple Wallet Integration: Allowing relics to be added to Apple Wallet, adopted by 58% of beta users.
  • AI ChatBot: An experimental AI assistant to answer common user questions.
  • USD Reward Tracking: Letting users easily toggle between displaying rewards in OATH or USD.

Lessons Learned

When reflecting on the BETA experience, Digit’s developers identified educating and onboarding users about Reliquary as the primary challenge. Reliquary represents an innovative leap in DeFi design, requiring some upfront education.

The team also found integrating user feedback essential for refining UI workflow and learned that AI ChatBots have limitations in accurately handling user inquiries. Digit is exploring more robust customer support options to better assist users.

Select from a library of customized Relics.

What's Next for Digit?

With the BETA wrapping up, the current focus is fixing bugs and adding quality-of-life improvements to prep Digit for a wide release. The roadmap also includes these upcoming features:

– Estimated ROI Calculator
– Downloadable Action History
– Google Wallet Integration
– Auto-Leveling Bot, Supporting “Set-and-Forget” Ease
– Emissions Curves to Incentivize Regular Deposits
– Relic Marketplace for Trading Positions

The Digit team is tremendously grateful to all the BETA testers who helped steer product development. Your interest and input allow us to keep building the future of DeFi for the OATH community.

Exciting times are ahead! We’ll share more details as Digit’s full release approaches. In the meantime, join the conversation on Discord with any questions.