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Enhance UX and Development ROI

Value Alignment for Protocols and Users

Reliquary aligns the values of the protocol with those of its most committed supporters — no lockups required. Long-term liquidity provision is rewarded without limiting user decisions, and without sacrificing the sustainability of the protocol.

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Reliquary offers an exciting, open-sourced, value-adding toolkit for protocol builders and their users. Early participants are rewarded for their level of long-term commitment and participation, which they can pass on to future users as an additional revenue stream. This makes strong protocols even more sticky with long-term community involvement.

0xBebis — Co-Founder, Digit

Flexible, Adaptable, Composable

Relics can be made to support practically any DeFi initiative, such as liquidity pools and asset managers (vaults). They are fully composable and redeemable for their underlying assets at any time, and they can be built atop virtually any position to enable maturity-adjusted rewards across any maturity curve desired.

Add Reliquary to Your Protocol

See An Example: Beethoven X & Reliquary Partnership

Our partners at Beethoven X leverage Relics to offer time-based rewards to users over an eleven-week period. This middle ground between protocol and user further incentivizing the potential of secondary marketplaces.

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Delight Users With Multi-Reward Functionality

Relics support an extensive array of various rewards, allowing other ecosystems to leverage Digit’s flexibility to maximize their incentives, promote positive liquidity behavior, and attract and delight long-term community members.

Enhance User Experience

See An Example: Beethoven & Relics

Our partners at Beethoven X leverage Relics to offer time-based rewards to users over an eleven-week period.

See The Benefits

Offer Multi Reward Functionality

Relics allow other ecosystems to leverage Digit’s flexibility and maximize their incentives to promote positive liquidity behavior.

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Digit offers an exciting value-add for protocol builders and users; offering early participants rewards that match their level of long-term commitment, which they can pass on to future users for an additional revenue stream. This makes strong protocols even more sticky with utility-focused users. I'm excited to see adoption of Reliquary as the market begins to understand this potential.
0xPixel  Contributor, Digit

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